Wednesday, August 15, 2007

FDA Comment Page Open Again for Health Claims Guidance

This message just received from Natural Solutions Foundation's Health Freedom Alliance eAlert System ( you can join at ):

"Your Voice Can Be Heard Again!!!

"Good news! This is Kathy Greene, Dr. Rima's assistant.

"Our Natural Solutions Foundation media director, Tom Cowles, told you last week about the roadblocks that had been set up to prevent you from telling the FDA to leave our supplements alone. I've been handling many emails from people who couldn't get through to the FDA but want their voices heard. The great news is we just got a new link to the draft FDA Health Claims Guidance for your comments. The comment period ends in just a few weeks, so we have to act fast! Tell your friends! Tell your neighbors!


"The new FDA guidance will make it much harder for vitamin companies to tell you about the health benefits of nutrients.

"ACTION ITEM! Use link below to voice your concern about regulating our supplements!
Click Here to Submit your Comment to the FDA (Full links at bottom of email)

"Many thanks goes to Health Freedom supporter, Marlina, for discovering where the comment page was moved to! Click here to see her Forum page for some great suggestions!
General Stubblebine and Dr. Laibow will be back in Washington DC in about a week, so we want to give them all the ammunition they need: HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF MESSAGES TO FDA AND CONGRESS! So, as the General says, get your mouse ready! Aim! Fire!
Click Here to Submit your Comment to the FDA (Full links at bottom of email)

"Thank you so much for making the Health Freedom movement the powerful expression of citizen concern it has become. I can remember licking stamps and demonstrating at local FDA offices back in 1993 and 1994 to convince Congress to pass DSHEA, the law that lets us talk freely about nutrients. Now it's much easier: all you need do is click your mouse! And it would really be nice if you "double clicked:" once to send your message and then, a second time, right here to help us with your generous donation. We volunteer our time so your voice can be heard, but we must cover the Foundation's expenses, so your voice will have the power it deserves. Please give generously, and click, click!

"Yours in health and freedom,
Kathy Greene
Assistant to Dr. Rima

"FDA Comment Link:

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