Friday, May 1, 2020

Mind Control and COVID

An Image After the Movie “They Live”
Through Anti-Mind Control Sunglasses
Note COVID and 5G on the Top. 
Which Image has the Mind Control Message? BOTH.
Get in line.
Don’t get too close.
Wear a mask.
No one should see you smile.
No eye-contact.
You might get arrested if you play Frisbee in a park with your child.
And certainly don’t visit a sick loved-one in hospital or hospice…
Trust the experts. The vaccine will save us. Then we can go back to normal. [2]
You get the message, don’t you?
This isn’t the first time “They” played the pandemic card. [3]
Are you old enough to remember the 1950s Polio Scares?  The 1976 First Swine Flu Panic (that vaccine killed 400; the flu killed no one)? The 2009 Second Swine Flu Panic — just ten years ago.  Led by Natural Solutions Foundation millions messaged Congress with “I Do Not Consent” emails and the vaxx mandates evaporated… no pandemic then either.
Did you know there was an Anti-Mask League headed by a doctor during the 1918/1919 Great Influenza Pandemic that killed 500,000 Americans; over a hundred million world wide? He told people masks did not help — it was better to breathe clean air and sunbathe than cower in isolation and fear.
Are you ready for the promised Second Wave? [4]

When the economy gets shut down again, leading to food shortages and millions dead?
Are you awake yet?
Or has the mind control worked?


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