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An Open Letter to My Vitamin Consultancy Clients and the Natural Products Industry.

Imagine being able to tell the world the powerful truth about your dietary supplement products! Imagine your product label NOT carrying the false and misleading FDA disclaimer! And imagine not facing a warning letter or other hostile action as you share the benefits of your products with a receptive public!

You and I both know you have important truths to share about your dietary supplement and other natural products while hostile FDA regulation and DSHEA language prevents you from exercising your First Amendment rights. One of my enduring frustrations over the years is being required  to tell you, "You can't say that... and it doesn’t matter that it's true!"

And I've had to tell you the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) forces you to put a damaging and likely untrue "opinion statement" on each bottle: "Not Intended to Cure..." which neither you nor I believe.

You know my stand on health freedom (I am Counsel and Trustee to the Natural Solutions Foundation, after all) and you know that I've been absolutely itching to get the FDA into Federal Court on just this issue. Over the past decade, since Natural Solutions Foundation was established by General Bert and Dr. Rima, we've gone to court against the Feds several times. While those cases helped pressure the authorities (the 2009 Swine Flu Vax case was successful, for example) the Courts have repeatedly said that, since the Feds were not attacking the Foundation directly, we had "no standing to sue". Well, finally, that's no longer the case, since we received a Warning Letter from FDA/FTC in September telling us to shut up about CBD hemp oil and Nano Silver 10 PPM. And that is a great opportunity for us all!

We've responded by filing both the required Compliance Plan and a formal Citizens Petition (required to exhaust our administrative remedies before we can go into Court) challenging the restrictions on our Free Commercial Speech that Congress tried to impose in DSHEA. See:

Simply put, Congress may have power to compel truthful factual speech, but it does NOT have power to compel us, to express an opinion we may or may not hold. As one wise, retired Judge wrote to me on this issue, "Thesine qua non of compelled speech is truth."
We've assembled a team of powerful legal talent, including Larry Becraft, Esq (the "Dean of the Patriot Lawyers") and Jim Turner, Esq. of the DC firm of Swankin and Turner, truly the nation's most prestigious DSHEA law firm. They agree with the Judge: Congress cannot compel us to lie about Health and Food.

The DSHEA food speech restrictions are now "in play" and, assuming the Supreme Court follows its own precedents, including cases like Johnson v FDA (1911) and Thompson v Western States (2002),  the DSHEA speech control rules are likely to be overturned, and with that, the entire FDA/FTC control apparatus.

YOU are about to be freed!

I will keep you posted as this situation unfolds.  This is, in fact, the case I have been waiting for my entire career. Together we will trash the gag rule that has hindered and harmed us for so long. But to do this, we need your financial support.Freedom isn't free. It requires your commitment and your funds. Your company can legally expend its funds supporting litigation that will support your bottom line.

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