Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On the (G)OP, Libertarians and the Tea Party

Ever since the Republican Party, herein after, the (G)OP, since it is hardly a "Grand" Old Party, but is, I fervently hope, the Old (as in has-been) Party, changed its Rules to exclude patriot, Tea Party, libertarian voices and preserve control over that tax-eater party in the hands of the neocon establishment, there have been increasingly strident voices posting on some Tea Party forums condemning Ron Paul and the libertarians especially for our advocacy of truly limited government, by opposing govt  interventionism at home and abroad  (what Professor Murray Rothbard used to remind us was a unified "Welfare/Warfare State" policy of violent imposition of govt controls on both Americans and foreigners).

What follows is my reply to a posting accusing libertarians of "deception" because of our opposition to the establishment's imperial foreign policy, with its endless wars of aggression and destruction of liberty.
So if, in your opinion, Ron Paul and the Libertarians are not part of the patriot movement, but the (G)OP Establishment is, what is the point of the Tea Party? Why bother? 
On the contrary, it is the libertarian contingent in the Tea Party that holds the "conscience of the patriots" to the Tea Party's Core Values. Without our insistence on those values, what is the Tea Party? A cheering section for the (G)OP? 
How well has the patriot movement done relying on the (G)OP? 
We can start with the War to Protect the DC Bureaucracy in 1860-65, with the (G)OP's usurpation of the limited Constitutional Republic by imposing the clearly unconstitutional fiat "legal tender" system (not to mention burning down whole cities, etc). 
We rightly complain about the Kenyan currently occupying the White House and his (intentional) failure to understand the Constitution, but forget about the history of the (G)OP and its consistent usurpation of our Constitution. Without the legal tender law, for example, there would be NO economic crisis brought about by deficit spending. The Founders understood what the (G)OP consistently rejects. 
But it was never the (G)OP establishment that stood in opposition to criminals at the Federal Reserve. It's not the crony corporatists. It is the libertarians, armed by what Mises called the "rich inheritance" of Free Market Theory, who have stood against the progressive onslaught for a hundred years now. 
It was libertarian "Leaders of the Opposition" like: Congressman Lindbergh; author HL Mencken,  Senators Taft and Goldwater -- and recently the doctors Paul -- who opposed every progressive innovation. It was the (G)OP that provided the critical votes to impose all of those Democrat schemes. It was libertarians like Ron Paul who got us back our basic human right to own gold and silver. 
It was libertarians who were the most consistent voices in the Taxpayers Movement that led directly to the Tea Party. The neocons and the RINOS were conspicuously absent. For Example, in NJ it was RINO future Gov Keene who was the deciding vote in imposing an income tax here in the mid-70s. 
Pardon my annoyance, but I am done with the (G)OP and its history of always supporting big govt, while mouthing otherwise.  That's why I recently sent in a change of registration, from (G)OP to Libertarian. 
IMHO, the Tea Party made a fatal mistake when it was hijacked by the (G)OP establishment. 
Now all that's left of the patriot movement are the libertarians, the militia, and those consistent conservatives who won't believe the (G)OP's lies anymore. 
With the changes in the (G)OP rules, it may be impossible to "take back" that party as a voice for patriots. It may not even be worth trying. 
Frankly, it is "conservatives" like Boehner with his debt ceiling increases, and "conservatives" like Ryan with his balance-the-budget-in-30-years "plan" and the Crony-Corporatist-in-Chief, Mitt himself (who supports the Fed and the Bailouts but now pretends maybe not) who are betraying our country nearly as much as the Kenyan. 
So, hey, spend your time complaining about libertarians, nonetheless, our time is about to come; or we will live in an even less free America. 
Gov Gary Johnson, Libertarian, for President. There is no logical alternative, unless you want to sanction your own oppression, and that of your fellow Americans.  
I wonder what Patrick Henry might say about that...

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