Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tea Party Support for Gary Johnson is Smart Politics

Just posted this message to the Tea Party:

I admit I've been a supporter of Ron Paul ever since the days of the National Committee to Relegalize Gold in the mid 1970's. The restoration of our right to own gold bullion was one of Dr. Paul's first victories for Liberty.  I even changed my voter registration from Libertarian to Republican in '08 at his suggestion.
I left the GOP in '69 although I was one of the Young Republicans being groomed for office in NJ, and focused on issues, like the Taxpayers Freedom Movement of the 70's and 80s and the Health Freedom Movement thereafter. In my mind the GOP was hopelessly tied to the very Federal power that was destroying the Constitutional Republic.

The behavior of the GOP in recent years has done nothing to convince me otherwise. In fact, after the Tea Party gave the GOP control of the House in '10 nearly the first thing the majority did was betray us by abrogating that body's control over the purse strings, by raising the Fed Debt Limit yet again, triggering the downgrade of US credit rating.

The one hope I had for the GOP was Dr. Paul's candidacy. While his efforts have broadened and deepened the organizational structure of the Movement to Restore the Constitutional Republic, the GOP establishment has proven willing to go to almost any lengths silence him and to find "Anybody but Paul" -- even some Tea Partiers  seem more anti-Paul than pro-Liberty, gleefully taunting the Liberty Movement while urging the Tea Party to become nothing more than an adjuvant to the GOP.

The Tea Party is not itself a political party. It is also not a branch of the GOP. Our interest in achieving the restoration of the Constitutional Republic is not the same as the GOP establishment's interest in governing.

We need to be politically sophisticated enough to "play" the GOP to achieve our Core Values: the Constitution, Fiscal Responsibility and Free Markets.

IMHO, in this election cycle, the best way to do that is to support Gov. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Candidate, for President.  He also now perceives the GOP as a barrier to achieving Liberty and has taken on the task of representing our views to the nation.

In this election cycle, Obama is the International Social Fascist and Romney is the typical crony corporatist who is quite comfortable doing business with any of the various flavors of social fascism.
"Social Fascism" is the alliance of crony corporatists and "community organizers" in support of the globalist elite depopulation agenda.

[Note, IMHO, if Ron Paul gets to the podium in Tampa it would give him a useful pulpit from which to continue the campaign for liberty. That would be very good for the Tea Party.]

I urge the Tea Party to consider if candidate Gary Johnson polls high enough in the national polls he gets into the presidential debates.

It would be really interesting to watch Romney and Obama blah blah blahing while "Governor NO!" explicates the patriot agenda of restoring the Constitutional Republic.

The best Tea Party strategy would be to loudly support Gov. Johnson so that he polls above the required percentage and gets in the debate.

Johnson in the debates would force Romney to move to the "right" and would expose the current White House occupant for the Marxist he most certainly appears to be.

I realize that some of Johnson's libertarian positions might not resonate with all Tea Partiers, but, frankly, when faced with a choice among the community organizer, the crony corporatist or the libertarian, the social conservatives among us need to grit their teeth and get political.

So I say, publicly support Gary Johnson, even if, on election day you still feel compelled to vote for Romney as the (slightly) lesser of the two evils! 

We still need a strong voice for Liberty in the campaign! Johnson is the only Liberty candidate who will be on all 50 State ballots.

What does the Tea Party say?

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