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Fake Food Safety Bill Still a Threat

This email exchange raises some of the issues that suggest the pending fake "Food Safety" bill -- S.510 -- is being engineered by the "Bigs" -- Big Pharma, Big Agra, et al, to do exactly what we've feared: nationalize all food production.

The key here is the curious comment on Snopes that the bill "only" controls Interstate Commerce. Any student of US Constitutional law knows that the Federal courts have, for over 75 years, given such a broad definition to that concept that ALL food production is covered (including in recent cases, home gardens), so when Snopes says "don't worry..." it's time to worry!

Action Item: tell the Senate that we want S.510 defeated. We want, at a minimum, very strong protective language as stated in the Petition:

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> Dear Mr. Fucetola,
> There seems to be some confusion regarding this legislation. S.510. Snopes here sort of debunks it. It would appear though that the legislation Snopes refers to is a different one (HR 875/S425 Could you possibly clarify for us?
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> > Thanks for the heads up, but according to Snopes, there isn't much to worry about. The focus of the bill is to ensure the safety of food in interstate commerce.
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On Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 12:35 PM, Ralph Fucetola JD <> wrote:

The "food safety" bill that actually passed the House last July was HR.4739 -- it has an exemption for direct farm to consumer sales. No other protection.

The bill that was "marked-up" in the Senate HELP committee last November was S.510 which has no protection for anyone.

All of these bills can be checked on and doing so will show which was passed and which were not...

Various business groups are now supporting S.510 claiming that the "Manager's Amendment" includes protection for DSHEA products. That Amendment is not on so I cannot comment on it, other than to say that we thought the DSHEA exemption in Ted Kennedy's FDA Amendment bill in 2007 would protect nutrients from FDA abuse of power... but it hasn't (see the banning of one form of B-6 and the planned banning of another, both at the behest of "Citizen Petitions" from drug companies seeking to outlaw the competition).

Without strong protection and with unlimited power to FDA to issue whatever regulations it chooses (and the power to keep those guidelines secret!!) the only organic garden that will be left will likely be Mrs. Obama's!

Our bullet points on S.510 are at:

It is rather sad that Snopes is so often nothing more than a shill for the Bigs...


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