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Fake food and supplement "safety" bills and the future of healthcare.

03/07/10 Push Back Update: Has McCain withdrawn his support from S.3002? See:

The Federal authorities' program last year to purchase ($6.4 billion worth) of swine flu" vaccines, then to approve the use of those vaccines (by the FDA) and then to recommend their use (by the CDC) and then to distribute the vaccines, collapsed in the face of public refusal to believe there was a real pandemic, despite an unbelievable presidential declaration of national emergency. Perhaps even more important was public refusal to voluntarily accept the unsafety-tested, uninsurable flu vaccines.

Just so, the current plan to subject us to yet more control over our health and food choices by giving that failed agency, the FDA, yet more power to abuse, power over all foods and that class of foods known as "dietary supplements," has suddenly come to the fore.

Two bills are wending their way through Congress to enable the FDA's bureaucrats to tighten their incompetent grip on what choices people are allowed1. One of these claims to be a "food safety" bill, S 510 with Sen Tom Harkin as a chief sponsor, and the other is the so-called "Dietary Supplement Safety" bill, S 3002, chiefly sponsored by Sen John McCain.

Yes, these bills would give FDA even more power to abuse. It was Dr. Ron Paul who accused the agency of being a power abuser in 2007 and nothing has changed to negate that judgment.

The govt owned, approved, recommended and distributed vaccine program collapsed in the face of 2.8 million messages to state legislators and members of Congress demanding respect for our right to reject vaccination. The fake safety bills are stalled in the Senate, facing now over a million messages to Congress and decision makers. In just the past few days well over another hundred thousand messages have gone out.

The future of health care in America will not be decided by final congressional approval of some version or other of national health care, since there will not be enough resources available to fund that system. Rather, programs of nationalized food and natural product control, such as the Swine Flu Vaccine program, or programs of national regulation, such as the false "safety" bills will be the vehicle through which nationalized health control will be imposed.

We already see this with a peculiar clause in the last FDA enabling act to pass Congress, the Kennedy bill of 2007. That bill included Section 301(11) which gives FDA authority to ban the interstate commerce in any food ever studied for medical use. Now why would a govt agency need such a power? What business of govt is it what foods we can trade? Whose interests would such anti-market power serve? Well, let's see how FDA (ab)used that new power Sen Kennedy provided it. Last year FDA banned the interstate trade of a certain form of vitamin B6 because a drug company had studied it for medical use but decided not to use it, and asked FDA to ban it... why? For competitive advantage. For monopoly privilege. This is how FDA (ab)uses its power.

This is a good indication of what FDA would do with the additional authority the McCain and Harkin bills would give it.

Up until a week ago we had thought the "food safety" bill was safely bottled up in the Senate HELP committee where it has languished since its official "mark-up" prior to being brought to the flood of the Senate for a vote. Why was it stuck there? Because over 150,000 messages went to the Senate and president over the weekend before the "mark-up" meeting and even Sen. Harkin had to admit (it's on the taping of the November 18th meeting on the HELP committee web site) that the people were concerned. And he announced that the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) which had been passed by a unanimous Congress and which allowed the
development of the vibrant, high potency dietary supplement market in the USA, was still the law of the land. No congressional intent to change that.

Until last week, that is. Then John McCain showed us that he is on the side of the power abusers. His bill would in effect "HARMonize" our Dietary Supplement freedoms with EU/Codex international restrictions.

Unless, of course, there is enough public push back, as we know "Push Back Works!" And that push back has started. A week ago this past Thursday (on February 4, 2010) McCain announced the filing of S 3002. Emails were quickly exchanged among health freedom advocates. The next evening we had our first eblast out, to several hundred thousand Natural Solutions foundation supporters and they began to forward the message to millions of others. At the same time freedom advocates such as Citizens for Health were also reaching out with the same message to the Senate: "Do NOT cosponsor S 3002!" Such advanced healthcare luminaries as Gary Null put the link to our Action Item on their websites and thousands more sent messages to Congress.
Dr. Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty also featured the link generating more viral action, while the people following continued to grow.

The Action Item is:

Our analysis of these bills, and how their seemingly "safety" language is just a guise for monopolistic intent, is linked from the Action Item page.

We, the trustees of Natural Solutions Foundation are so very pleased to see the health freedom movement responding together in this way. We see this issue becoming the touchstone for the future of real health care reform -- changes we can believe in, namely, no more "business as usual" with the biggest of the bigs, Big Agribiz, Big Pharma, Big Finance and Big Govt finally being excluded from the control over our food and freedom they so crave.

We have begun the transpartisan process of taking back our health and food freedom. And that is a very good thing.


1. This is the same agency that regularly approves dangerous drugs that must be taken off the market or greatly restricted; half the drugs so approved are shown later to have caused more harm than any potential benefit.

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