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Reactions to the Threat of Pandemic Vaccine Panic: Don’t Jab Us!

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Media Release: One Millions Demands for Right to Self-Shield:

Reactions to the Threat of Pandemic Vaccine Panic:
Don’t Jab Us!

Sue for an injunction? Rely on your Sheriff to protect you? Complain to the FBI?

Everybody’s jumping on the band wagon… and that is a good thing! We’re facing an engineered pandemic to force an unproven, untested** and uninsurable “pandemic flu vaccine” on the public. As usual, Natural Solutions Foundation led the way, demanding that governments respect our fundamental human right to Self-Shield in our own homes in the event of a real pandemic, rather than be subjected to The Jab.

Now the “health freedom movement” is reacting, and many actions are being suggested.

Making sense out of the legal confusion.

Well meaning people are initiating steps to stop globalization of the planet and mandatory, weaponized vaccination. We applaud their efforts. Some of these efforts are brilliant, some of them may be somewhat effective and some are misguided.

Herewith a guide to their implications in the United States…

Complaint charging Baxter, WHO, Obama, UN, etc., with conspiracy to commit Crimes against Humanity, filed by investigative reporter Jane Burgermeister.

This outstanding effort has fired the imagination and informed millions of people, making it a worthy effort on that score. Jane Burgermeister is brilliant and we salute her effort. Since we are not experts on Austrian/EU law, we do not know the likelihood of this suit being accepted in the Austrian courts, or of the FBI responding to her well-reasoned, well-researched information linking the drug companies and the globalist population-reduction-by-any-means agenda.

Since the “accidental” contamination by Baxter of the Seasonal Flu vaccine intended for 18 European countries apparently took place in Austria, it is logical to file suit there. We have written to Ms. Bergermeister expressing our support for her efforts and urge you all to become familiar with them. Spain has a legal structure which holds that crimes against humanity any where on the planet are prosecutable in Spain. We hope that a similar suit is filed there.

Here is one of the many media reports on the action:

This suit, which will take a considerable time to process through the Court in Austria IF it is accepted for hearing, has little impact on US law, practice or vaccination policy. Unless and until the Globalists succeed in their plans for a One World Government, laws and judgments in sovereign countries have no impact on other sovereign countries although they might have trade implications, generally sorted out through trade dispute resolutions in the World Trade Organization if another agreement cannot be reached.

So Ms. Burgermeister’s suit is outstanding in Austria, important globally and will probably have no impact legally on the US, certainly not in time to meet the immediate threat.

Injunctions in the United States Delivered to Local Police and Law Enforcement to prevent mandatory vaccination: While it is enormously satisfying to take this action, it is fundamentally meaningless. All of the provisions necessary (e.g, Executive Orders, Homeland Security and Health and Human Services Directives, legislation and policy statements by CDC, FDA and WHO, State Emergency Medical Powers Acts, etc.,) are in place for the “pandemic emergency” leading to mandatory vaccination to be declared. The Natural Solutions Foundation fully expects that to happen, which is why we are urging you so strongly to take our Action Step to demand self quarantine in addition to the current choices you have if mandatory vaccination is declared. You know those choices: take the jab or be subjected to FEMA control… or force Congress to honor your Right* to Self-Shield:

Click here:

Despite the emotional satisfaction involved, however, it is highly unlikely that any court will issue an injunction against something that has not yet happened. The value of this effort is that perhaps, just perhaps, the people at the police station or prosecutor’s office where you deliver this document might read it and they might be less likely to enforce their orders for roundup, deportation, incarceration, vaccination or whatever.

We consider this a poor use of energy and time, and consider that the likelihood of changing the outcome of any order to vaccinate, detain or incarcerate people on the basis of some random people reading some documents - or not - that we cannot endorse this action, even for its educational value.

Universal Right to Refuse Vaccination Petition: The emotional and intellectual appeal of this internet activity is enormous. The political impact is zero. We have contacted the people involved in this activity to congratulate them on their activism and ask them to include the link to our Action Item for self shielding. We received no response. While it saddens us to say it, this intellectually worthy activity is educational to read but meaningless legally and in terms of any protection against vaccination. When the vaccinators are holding their syringe at your skin, explaining that if you refuse the vaccine, you will incarcerated, telling them that you signed the Universal Right to Refuse Vaccination Petition will not offer you protection. Therefore, we do not endorse this action because it provides no gain other than emotional solace in troubled times.

Sheriff Resistance: This legal approach holds that, as stated by the Supreme Court, there is no legal authority higher than a sitting sheriff in his own county. This is true and totally irrelevant. Although a sitting sheriff can refuse to comply with orders to vaccinate, detain, relocate or kill citizens and others, the likelihood of a full scale rebellion by a small force (Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs) against the United States Army and State or local Police whose authority and loyalty does not come from the traditional common law Sheriff structure, or worse yet, foreign and UN “Peacekeeping Forces” (including Chinese, Belgian, Eastern European and Canadian troops), National Guard and other non-sheriff forces seems absurd to us. Out numbered, out gunned, out commanded, any Sheriff who does oppose the mandate to vaccinate and/or incarcerate will simply wind up either overpowered and “relocated” or dead. This is, in our estimation, an invitation to armed insurrection consistent with an aggressive and non strategic thinking patterns without any likelihood of success. We cannot endorse this.

Armed Resistance: The Natural Solutions Foundation does NOT endorse, condone or support armed or violent resistance of any type for two reasons: first of all, we believe that there are better ways to fight injustice, oppression and fascism. Second, we know that the other side is better armed with weapons that can drop a resister at a mile and a half in a seizure without the resister even getting a telescopic sighting on the other side.

This is the wrong approach, guaranteeing death, incarceration or vaccination, or a combination of all of the above. Why give the other side what it wants?

For the record, with reference to the domestic terrorism law and other terrorism laws, regulations and executive orders, universally, the Foundation does not morally (or otherwise) support acts that are dangerous to human life, violate criminal law and “appear to be intended” to “intimidate or coerce a civilian population” or “influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion . . .”

We believe that push back, not revolution, is the answer to solving, not worsening, the situation.

Seemingly rational people say things like “I have my rifles and my guns - if they try to make me take a vaccine, they’ll have to take me down first”. They will, and they will do a good job of it, too.

How long can a militant hold out before the ammo runs out, the tear gas over comes him/her or the food and water run out? Or before the other side looses patience and he/she is the target of another Waco or Ruby Ridge?

If that is your preference, please understand that one such incident could serve as the “excuse” for martial law and worse.

The Natural Solutions Foundation urges you to take this moment seriously and act prudently:

1. Take the ACTION STEP

Click here:

2. Do whatever you can to motivate everyone you can reach to do the same and propagate this action. Our friends in Congress are considering introducing the self shielding legislation we have proposed to give us all that option. This is far more likely to happen if we can generate enormous support for it.

Read our White Paper: Stay Home; Stay Alive: Your Right to Self-Shield which has a link to the proposed bill and important information on preparations for Self-Shielding.

Click here:

3. Stock up on supplies for Self-Shielding. FEMA is advising its people, we have been told, to lay in a 30 day supply of water, food, vitamins, drugs, etc. If that is good enough for FEMA, it is good guidance for us.

4. See our evolving Online Vaccine Resources Portal: and please share this link with everyone.

The Foundation has two main focuses: (1) defending your Health Freedom and (2) discovering, developing, demonstrating and disseminating Natural Solutions to social problems. Even in defense of your rights, we are focused on Natural Solutions. This “pandemic panic” — artificially created as it is — is a clear and present danger to us all, but we will not allow it to prevent us from “keeping our eyes on the prize” — a better world, where all people are free to seek out natural ways and means to achieve and maintain a healthy self and healthy community.

Thank you for your continued support in this effort!


Yours, for Peace, Hope and Freedom…

Ralph Fucetola JD
Natural Solutions Foundation Trustee and Counsel


*The Nuremberg Code forbids experimentation on people to which they do not agree through fully informed consent. The Helsinki Declaration says that people have strong rights to determine their own health course. The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights states that people have a right to health, clean food and environment. These documents, excellent as they are, have little legal weight in the United States. We find in these documents moral justification for our common law right to Self-Shield. To protect that right, we need Congress to acknowledge and recognize the right, and to give it “teeth” by forbidding federal funds to be used to involuntarily remove anyone from their own home while self-Shielding.

** Well, they are about to “test” it… NOT. How can you test the efficacy of a vaccine for a pandemic that doesn’t exist? The following article shows that we are the test subjects to see how many of us will be crippled or killed by this dangerous concoction. Even the Secretary of “Health and Human Services” has admitted that she is willing to sacrifice our young, saying that our children, pregnant women and the elderly will be among the first experimental subjects for a vaccine whose short and long term dangers cannot be known before it is used on them and that the government will (we quote her) “watch and see” to find out whether there are “too many” adverse events!

Associated Press - July 22, 2009 11:55 AM ET

WASHINGTON (AP) - The government is calling for several thousand volunteers to roll up their sleeves for the first swine flu shots, in a race to test whether a new vaccine really will protect against the virus before its expected to rebound in the fall.

The National Institutes of Health’s infectious disease chief, Dr. Anthony Fauci, tells The Associated Press that scientists first will test different doses of the swine flu vaccine in healthy adults and, if there are no immediate safety concerns, quickly begin testing babies and children.

The studies will begin at eight medical centers around the country - in Baltimore; Iowa City, Iowa; St. Louis; Nashville; Seattle; Atlanta; Cincinnati and Houston…

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