Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pandemic Weaponized Flu Alert

Natural Solutions Foundation has continually raised the warning about the potential for a "weaponized" or "engineered" pandemic. See for example the following postings on the Health Freedom blog:

07/19/08 - Weaponized Avian Flu Intelligence Report -
09/15/08 - Smoke and Mirrors... shards of truth -
03/06/09 - Avian Flu "Accident" -

Now we must raise the alarm once again. "Although past weaponization events have failed to trigger the pandemic," Foundation President Gen. Stubblebine suggests, "we must assume the forces at work will produce what world health officials have called the inevitable pandemic."

Whether those forces are the chaos of the natural world, the greed-addicted structure of the health care industry and its Big Phama cartel, or the evil intent of individuals or groups, we know not. One need not believe in conspiracies to observe that social and economic conditions may be such that a pandemic is almost a foregone conclusion. For example, several major foundations are providing significant funding to several dozen laboratories around the world that are studying the Avian Flu virus to find out how easy it might be for "terrorists" to weaponize the flu. How many such labs do you think it takes before it is inevitable that an engineered pathogen will escape?

Before you answer that question, remember that just this past January, as related in the third link above, a shipment of annual flu vaccine was "accidentally" contaminated with live Avian Flu virus... nearly triggering the pandemic.

And now, over the past couple days, the story has broken of a potential Swine Flu pandemic (yes, the Swine Flu is back!). We reproduce below several stories about this and are continuing our investigation so that we can issue a Pandemic Flu eAlert shortly to the Health Freedom Action eAlert's several hundred thousand subscribers. If you do not yet receive the free eAlert, please join at:

Pandemic Swine Flu Alert from Natural Solutions Foundation:

Health Freedom Action eAlert

Initial Pandemic Alert from Natural Solutions Foundation

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