Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Silver Safety Pyramid

As a member of the Silver Safety Committee I am pleased to post this announcement:

Announcing the Silver Safety Pyramid:

From the Silver Safety Committee, based on the Silver Safety Guideline, and utilizing the Silver Safety Calculation.

This is what every single person using any silver supplement, whether called ionic silver or colloidal silver, needs for total peace of mind to easily be assured of safe usage of any silver product.

The Silver Safety Pyramid provides a simple way to determine safe usage from the following three perspectives:


As stated on the main page:

"Silver has been in the drinking water and food supply for thousands of years. It is a commonly occurring mineral that is considered harmless by the US Government when responsible limits on silver intake are maintained. Silver supplements have been used by millions of people, yet reports of skin discoloration from argyria are very rare; it occurs only with excessive intake. As with anything, responsible use is required. These guidelines provide a method for easily determining safe usage limits for any silver supplement."

The site even includes the Silver Safety Auto-Calculator! All one needs to do is plug in their pounds of body weight and the PPM (concentration) of silver contained in whatever supplement they’re using. The Auto-Calculator will instantly tell them how much they can safely use of that product per day for daily use, short-term use, or their entire lifetime.

THIS IS VITALLY USEFUL INFORMATION FOR EVERYONE INTERESTED IN HOLISTIC HEALTH AND HEALTH FREEDOM. Nobody should ever be at risk of skin discoloration from using silver again!

The Silver Safety Calculator:

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