Saturday, November 22, 2008

Natural Solutions at "End the Fed" Rally

I attended the End the Fed rally in New York city earlier today and delivered a message from Natural Solutions Foundation's President, Gen. Bert Stubblebine (USA ret). Here is the YouTube coverage of the rally and my presentation.

More videos of the rallies around the country:

Here is what Gen. Bert asked me to tell the participants:

“War is bad for your health. Unstable money systems are the tool of those who generate wars for their own financial health. Health freedom implies the freedom to live free from the threat of engineered wars to enrich the few and kill and subjugate the many. It also implies the right to earn enough real money to support the health and well being of your body, your family, your community and your world.”

I continued:

Without a stable and sensible, non-fiat currency to direct and drive both our foreign and domestic policy, we have no hope of health, of peace or of freedom. I urge you to become active in the twin campaigns to secure your health freedom from the forces which are destroying it as we speak and your financial liberation from the same forces which are enslaving you through fiat currency and the diabolical Fed system, again, even as we speak and rally.

Natural Solutions Foundation and the Natural Solutions Foundation Peace Research Institute offer natural solutions to these complex, intertwined and devastatingly dangerous problems. We urge you to link minds and efforts with us to lead the successful battle against these twin dangers.

Recall for a moment the chilling and famous statement of Meyer Rothschild who said, "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws ...." and the history of the fiat money managers who have engineered and financed every war since the American Revolution by creating bellicose causes on both side, financing both sides and creating the fiat funds to purchase the resulting devastation… and doing it over and over again.

And make no mistake. This greed and inhumanity has no religion. It has no economic or political theory or creed, but its own well being… and it has neither mercy nor compassion.

The Federal Reserve, like Codex Alimentarius (the world food code), is a complex, globalized and globalizing system of domination designed to enslave and/or kill you, either rapidly or slowly.

But we are not slaves. We are free men and women who must choose our own destiny and reject the nefarious plans of those who would control us through inauthentic means and through guile.

Now is the time. The system of central state control of the value of our money has been exposed as corrupted and as a failure. Through peaceful, intelligent and persuasive means, we must wage a war of peace and health for ourselves and our future. We call for a true return to a real commodity money standard set by markets, not politicians. As the Constitution teaches, no state shall make anything but gold and silver a legal tender for debt.

We reject the usurpation of Constitutional right which the Federal Reserve represents. That usurpation, over a century old, known as the “Legal Tender Cases” abrogated to the US Government the unconstitutional power to declare legal tender and led directly to the crisis of the moment. This usurpation must end: End the Fed! Return to Constitutional money!

During the hundred years before the Fed, twenty dollars was one ounce of fine gold. At the end of that hundred years, the gold dollar bought more than at the start. Today, after nearly a hundred years of the Federal Reserve fiat money fraud, the dollar has lost 99% of its value! Today, if you can find it, a one ounce gold coin will cost about one thousand Federal Reserve Fraud Notes.

The Natural Solutions Foundation welcomes you and your creativity and capacities. You can reach us at and join our community of strength by signing up for our free, urgent eAlerts and letting everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, you know understand that this is a major issue and you are an activated citizen urging them to become the same - an activated citizen.

Again, that's for the eAlerts.

This IS our country. It IS our monetary system. It IS our Health and, ultimately, it IS our freedom which is at stake. Thank you.

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McKee Family said...

Hi Ralph,
I'm so glad you participated in the ETF rally. I organized the Dallas rally and we had a great turnout. At least 200 at the peak.

I've been receiving NSF's newletters for years. In fact besides homeschooling, health freedom was really my first project in the liberty movement!

Thanks for all you guys do!

Debbie McKee
Campbell, TX