Thursday, May 29, 2008

Attack on Health Freedom in Canada Threatens US Health Freedom

Couldn't have said it better myself, so I'm posting Charles Frohman's comments here:

Loss of Canadian natural healing rights will threaten U.S.
Posted by: "Charles D. Frohman" cfroh
Date: Wed May 28, 2008 7:03 pm ((PDT))

Sat nam, ji.

Some yogis resist politics on 3HO's international kundalini yoga yahoo group, and given the emotions that politics inflames, this moderator agrees on that goal.

Unfortunately, as happens with sages throughout history, although one may wish to just "live and let live," and avoid the sturm and drang of powermongering (politics), sometimes the manipulators won't leave you alone. So you have to strike back, or be driven into oblivion.

This is the case with natural therapies, nutrients and wholesome food, each of which is very important to yogis. Healthy living is the chief competitor to industrial medicine, and the special interests of the latter refuse to let us "live and let live".

I've posted previously on the "guidances" Big Medicine has been able to cajole FDA to publish, dealing with impossible scientific agreement requirements for claims, prohibitions on natural treatments that state licensing cabals condemn, manipulation of risk studies to ban safe nutrients, forced irradiation/degradation of safe food, nondisclosure of genetically altered seeds, dumbing down of organic standards, and bankrupting regulations for mom-and-pop supplement makers. It's all at

Now Big Pharma is making an end run around the U.S., by imposing a full frontal attack in Canada. To show honesty in my post, I'll let you learn about this issue from the other side, good ole' Michael Shermer's Skeptic site:

And due to FDA's requirement to harmonize with Codex trade requirements at the United Nations, whatever happens in one country eventually happens in other countries, under threat of WTO sanctions. And with Canada, it's even worse because of a trilateral agreement with the U.S. [That's exactly right Charlie! FDA posted its HARMonization policy in the Federal Register on Oct 11, 1995. R]

If Shermer's group hasn't dissuaded you from contributing to health freedom in Canada, and thus in the U.S., here's the main advocacy site for your review:

In my opinion, in the Aquarian Age more of life will be based on voluntarism and less on coercion. But while the Piscean Age of control still holds sway, we need to play with the hand with which we are dealt. And we are suffering under the zenith of Oligopolistic Control. Our health freedom for natural living is at stake, and yogis are welcome to click on the above links to participate in this great debate.

Before you strike, however, make sure and do SADHANA, so whatever energy comes from you to others is heart-centered, and true, and neutral.

Amar Atma (Charles Frohman)

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