Saturday, July 14, 2007

Road Trip

This blog is about a quick road trip to DC, but first...

Earlier this week the House passed its version of the FDA enabling act, HR.2900, without the Dietary Supplement protective language (the "Durban Amendment") that the Senate had added to its version, S.1082, passed last month. The bill was brought before the House under a "special rule" which means the House leadership allowed only limited debate and NO amendments.

Since the versions of the bills passed were not the same, the two houses of Congress have to either convene a conference committee or one house or the other has to pass the other house's version. Or, of course, Congress could do nothing, which, in this case would be the best thing to do.

The original Senate bill was flawed in many ways, not the least, in the bizarre notion that what Dr. Ron Paul has characterized "...abuse of FDA power..." can be cured by giving the FDA more power to abuse!

If the bills do not just die without further congressional action, it is time to pressure Congress to make sure that protective language even stronger than the Durban Amendment is in the final bill. That Amendment merely protected DietarySupplements from enhanced FDA power; what is needed is language protecting all health claims for dietary supplements, natural remedies and alternative modalities.

Knowing all that, on Thursday I met Dr. Rima Laibow and Gen. Bert Stubblebine, the leaders of the Natural Solution Foundation (I'm a member of the NSF Board). They were just returning from attending the Codex Commission meeting held in Rome this year. The World Food Code (Codex) Commission continued with its globalist agenda of degrading organic standards, allowing higher levels of toxins in the food supple, attacking supplements and natural remedies... all the usual politics of the "Bigs" -- Big Pharma, Big Chema, Big Agra, Big Government, etc. But you can read about that in detail at Dr. Rima's blog on www. -- where you can also sign up for the NSF eAlert system, allowing you to join hundreds of thousands using the Internet to bring pressure on Congress to leave our alternatives alone. We need your email contact to alert you when and how to contact Congress to have the best effect; and, of course, our online system makes it easy to do.

We did a "new media" online radio interview (Dr. Annette's show on from Las Vegas and then drove together from the NY metro area to Washington for several important meetings.

The nest day, Friday the 13th, we met several Washington "insiders" and visited friendly congressional offices on the Hill. I was really impressed by the commitment to Health Freedom expressed at Congressman Ron Paul's. There is a growing congressional caucus with upwards of thirty members who are seriously concerned with alternative modality, health freedom issues. There will be serious efforts over the next couple months to bring forward more comprehensive protective legislation.

We finished the trip with the taping of an expanded NSF video on The Codex Two Step and an appearance on consumer advocate Jim Turner's PRN program, Consuming Interests -

All-in-all an excellent road trip!

PS - many thanks to Will, Drew and Millie for the driving, photos and entertainment!

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